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Sensitive Pro Repair Toothpaste

Fixes the cause of sensitive teeth

Ice cream loving, Frappuccino drinking, ice munching fiend? Well, don’t let silly sensitive teeth stop you from enjoying the cooler things in life. This is our sensitive toothpaste that fixes the cause of sensitivity by sealing teeth and protecting exposed nerves with patented Liquid Calcium™ technology, to provide lasting pain relief.* While the baking soda cleans and whitens more gently.

*With regular use for 8 weeks. Relief then continues for another 8 weeks.

Advance Sensitive Care Toothpaste

Daily Protection for sensitive teeth

Don’t let sensitive teeth get you down. Our exceptional combination of baking soda and Potassium Nitrate not only gives you an INCREDIBLE deep clean but also helps reduce sensitive teeth! Pretty neat, huh? The baking soda also helps to balance the pH in your mouth to neutralise enamel damaging food acids and give you exceptionally fresh breath.

Advance White™ Toothpaste

Up to 3 shades whiter teeth

Give your nashers a whitening boost. Banish stains with a little added buffing action to leave your teeth brighter and whiter than ever before. *TING*… Hear that? That’s your whiter, shinier teeth.

Truly Radiant™ Toothpaste

For a radiant smile in just 5 days*

Outstanding whitening whilst also strengthening enamel for a radiant smile. Our incredible baking soda formula gives you a truly deep clean whilst our Liquid Calcium™ technology helps restore enamel shine and smoothness.

Enamel Pro Repair Toothpaste

Helps protect enamel surface from acid erosion

Our exceptional baking soda and Liquid Calcium™ formula takes on acid erosion by filling in tooth crevices and also helps to restore enamel surface for healthier, stronger teeth, a bit like the Hulk, but not green, or scary looking, so not really like the Hulk at all.

Total Pro Clean + Repair Toothpaste


The chief of all toothpastes. This formula does everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, other total toothpastes do. In addition, kickass baking soda gives your mouth an awesome all round deep clean, plus it is packed with Active Calcium to strengthen teeth making it waaaaay more total.

Advance Cavity Care Toothpaste


Sugar, it tastes so good but it hurts teeth so bad and causes a whole load of issues! Our nifty cavity caring formula is armed with SUGAR DEFENSE technology that works by neautralising plaque acids… think of it like a whole bunch of little soldiers stood around your teeth helping to care for your mouth. Yep, it’s like that.

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